Project 3:

Interior Wall Details

"Through detailing, diagramming, 3d modeling, and physical scale modeling students will undertake a thorough process of documenting their understanding of the various architectural components of building systems. The exterior and interior built environments are formed of a complex array of architectural components.

The deliverable for this project will be to demonstrate your capability in creating high-quality wall details and other important interior elements."

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Project 2:

The Pavilion

"The Pavilion is an architectural, site specific built object designed for many uses and to facilitate various programs.

Students will be selecting a site, coming up with a concept for their pavilion design and then using Revit to model, and create design development documents to tell the story of their proposed pavilion."

Project 1:

The Architects Studio

"The architectural studio is a semi-private place that is used to create. You are starting your own business and need to create room for you to work. You do not have a lot of money so you are trying to retrofit an existing space and turn it into your new studio.

Students will be selecting an existing space and will create a concept for their studios design. Students will be introduced to and use Revit to model, and create schematic design documents to tell the story of their proposed workplace."

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